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City Limit Highway Sign

This is the sign that started it all.

Once, when I was younger, I had a sign relic of the area I grew up in, that was manufactured by the state and proudly displayed in my ramshackle apartment**. Municipal mementos are popular targets among youth and hip old people (my age) for bedroom walls or college dorms (or offices), and strongly evoke reminiscent memories with anyone that's ever been there. It's cool to have your first license plate hanging on the wall, or a mile marker from the highway that you grew up on. A city limit sign is the Pièce de résistance when paying homage to a community you love.

Here's your chance, within the confines of the laws of this great state to legally own a city limit sign free and clear. We'll even provide a Certificate of Rightful Ownership for your new sign, which sign could pass for Government issue to the untrained eye.

The real highway sign is BIG, measuring SIX feet wide- and we're happy to make that one for you, if you can find a place to put it... Our more popular model measures 12" high by 36" wide. The sign has an aluminum face and composite plastic core (so it's lighter that the highway version, but water proof and sturdy for long term outdoor display). Reflective green face and white text and white border. We'll drill 2 holes centered on the top and bottom, but you can add additional holes as needed.

If you prefer the actual size version, or any custom size- contact us to discuss. Love another city? We can make that one, too. Call or email.

**For the legal record, the sign I had was discarded by the State because it had been wiped out in an accident, and I had 'permission' to salvage it.

Standard size: 12 x 36" single sided reflective composite aluminum sign
plus $24 for shipping anywhere in the US.

(The handsome model in the photo is not included for that price.)

Authentic 'Old-School' Estes Park Street Signs

You could say these signs are cut from the same cloth as the original signs that were hand routed by the Town of Estes Park for over 35 years. Used locally for everything from naming streets to marking parking spaces, this method of sign making could be customized by the Town staff for any purpose and may still be seen around if you keep your eyes peeled. You'll also see many of these signs hanging on private residences after they were sold for a few dollars each when the Town changed their street signs to reflective aluminum panels. The museum sold the signs and helped keep them out of the landfill while offering locals a piece of history.

Every now and then, someone will inquire of us about a sign in this style, so we've interviewed the folks that used to fabricate these signs for the Town for hours on end- routing, painting, sanding- and have been able to recreate this sign to the original specifications..... so you'll be getting a brand new, old style Estes Park street sign when you order from us, that will match any other sign out there, exactly in all aspects.

In EP style, the finish standard is to rout the clear heart (no knots) wood panel, paint the letters bright white, add in glass beads while the paint is wet for night time reflective visibility, and then paint the background a custom shade of brown. Of course, you don't have to do it that way, and we can leave the signs unfinished if you're feeling handy and want to save a few bucks.

Because each of these signs is very individual, we'll need to talk to provide a cost on your sign. This style of sign ranges in price starting at $80.00, depending on how many lines and what type of finish you require. If you're looking for several signs, we'll discount the price- call to discuss.

Since there isn't a massive demand for these signs, we don't make them every day, or even every week. Unless your timing is remarkable, your sign may take a couple of weeks or more to deliver. Unless you can help us come up with an excuse (for our other paying customers) to stop all other work to make your nostalgic Estes Park street sign- please don't ask for the sign tomorrow.

When you call, please be prepared to discuss:
1) What the sign should say (exact text, capital letters only)
2) One or two sided
3) Size limitations (length) or mounting requirements
4) Standard finish? Unfinished? Different color than Estes Park Brown? Glass bead letters?

You'll be hard pressed to find a match to the 'Estes Park' style of sign anywhere else. The technique and equipment have gone by the wayside- except for our little corner of the sign shop... We can also do an accurate reproducton of a National Park or US Forest Service Sign,  don't hesitate to ask if you've been looking for a Long's Peak trail marker.

CONTACT US to order this sign